Thursday, February 17, 2011

President Obama celebrates George Masa and Horace Kephart

President Obama celebrates George Masa in White House address.

Take a look at the youtube version here.


  1. So nice to see the two receiving recognition like this!

  2. To help guide you to the right path...

    1881 to 1905, which George Masa believe to be in Japan. Birth year 1881 is very interesting since Meiji Restoration just restructured Japan's politics & economy.

    Also, someone like George Masa must have a wealthy and well connected back ground. Otherwise he wont be able to leave Japan. I would say he was "famous" among his family & neighbors.

    Also, during his travel from Japan around 1905. It was either beginning or in the middle of Russian-Japanese war. Which can even help you more since Japanese government probably did census to see how many qualified soldiers within Japan.

    Only problem is that Osaka was heavily bombed during WW2, public record might not be available prior to March 1945. But, I would check people with the same last name "伊塚" or "猪塚" after the war. Osaka must have done census after the war.

    There are 2 possible sir names & 11 possible first names, combinations of 22 names which equal to Izuka Masaharu in Japanese language.

    First you need to check his last name is IZUKA not IIZUKA. IZUKA is much more special name than IIZUKA so if you are sure about IZUKA, then your search narrows.

    2 x IZUKA in Japanese
    1. 伊塚
    2. 猪塚

    11 x MASAHARU in Japanese
    1. 正治
    2. 正春
    3. 正晴
    4. 昌治
    5. 昌春
    6. 昌晴
    7. 将治
    8. 将春
    9. 将晴

    Good luck!